About the Camp
We began our camp program in 2002. The camps
accommodate up to 45 developmentally delayed youth,
age 6 - 22. The ratio of children to counselors is 1:1.

Camp is held at Camp Arroyo, a 138-acre parkland
outside Livermore, Ca. Camp Arroyo was created
by The Taylor Family Foundation (www.ttff.org),
the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD),
and the YMCA of the East Bay.

The site is in the hills above Livermore wine country
and is equipped with cabins, a dining facility, and
activity center.

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Exceptional Needs Network has grown
exponentially over the years and is in
high demand with limited spaces for campers.
Due to the high demand, we are unable to
accommodate every single camper that wants
to attend ENN camp.  The Board of Directors
for ENN has spent the utmost time considering

how to ensure our registration process

is equitable and safe.


Beginning this year ENN will be moving to an

on-line lottery based registration.

We will be implementing this starting with

the 2019 camps/

All future camps for 2019 are full
For future camp information contact

Kirsten Sprott at kirstenmichele@gmail.com


For general information check out these
downloads and links
Download: ENN Liability Form

Download: TTFF Liability Form

Download: Camp Arroyo site map
Download: What to bring to camp
Download: Directions to Camp Arroyo
Huge photo archive from past camps: ENN at Shutterfly

We need supplies!
Every year we need to replenish
supplies.  If you think you could help
please go to our Amazon wish list

ENN had their first ever camp reunion on September 20, 2015.
for all the campers who have aged out.  Check out
photos at Shutterfly!

What families say about our camps

“ENN’s camp is one summer event that my daughter looks forward to every year.  It is one event that my daughter talks about all year and she remembers all the fun activities.  My family is so appreciative for all the hard work by the ENN staff and team to make this happen every year.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

"Jenna was nervous about attending, but quickly made friends with the counselors and other kids. It was a great opportunity for her to be independent and in an environment where she could just be herself!"

“The greatest thing about ENN is that they treat every child as an individual and appreciate them as they are.  There are not a lot of places in this world that embrace these wonderful children in this way.  My son looks forward to his camping trip every year and although we miss him, we know he’s safe, happy and able to be himself.  Thank you ENN!”

“My son Andrew had his first overnite camp experience in November 2011 and, as he put it, he had a blast!  The camp is a beautiful and fantastic facility. The staff was wonderful and very supportive.”

“ENN's camp means that my son can be around other children that share similar challenges and commonality instead of feeling different all the time.”

“My son Sam, who is autistic and has a history of behavior issues related to his disability,  has flourished in the wonderful environment of Camp Arroyo which has provided great activities, meaningful opportunities to be with peers and just a fun environment where no one is telling him what to do, where he is accepted and loved in familiar surroundings with familiar and caring people, no small matter in a world where those who are differently abled are not always accepted and included and appreciated for who they are.  Thank you to everyone who makes Camp Arroyo possible!”

“ENN's Camp Arroyo opened a world to our son that we hadn't thought possible! A place where he could be himself and be cool! A place where he could have a great time WITHOUT mom & dad by his side! Not mention a place that I did not have to worry about his occasional meltdown or behavior challenge! I will always be grateful to everyone involved in making camp possible for all of these great kids!!”

“This is what I've always told people about ENN & Camp Arroyo:  When I've dropped my child off at Camp Arroyo, I knew he would have fun, & would be safe and well taken care of.”

“ENN's summer camp at Camp Arroyo is the one camp my son, Andrew (currently 15), looks forward to every year. He loves the jumpy houses, the food, the counselors and all the activities that are offered. It's his special time away with friends when he's not different, odd, or says the wrong thing. Acceptance and lots of FUN is what ENN's summer camp at Camp Arroyo is all about! We have such piece of mind while he's gone that he's not missing us....he's just having a blast! Thank you ENN!!!”

"Sarah has blossomed from being at Camp Arroyo's summer specials needs camps over the years. The wonderful environment has really made Sarah a better and more social individual.  She always has a very positive attitude after staying at the camp."

“My daughter, Sofia, attended the ENN camp last summer.  It was her first time  and also her first tme away from home.  My husband and I were a little nervous about her first night there.  When we picked her up , she wasn't even phased about us being there.  she had the BEST time she could've possibly had .   The staff and volunteers do an amazing job with the kids. They reassure you that your child will be cared for and that her needs are top priority.  They anticipate any possible challenge and are prepared  to  handle it.   The parent fills out an extensive application first so they get an understanding of your child"s personality, behaviors, likes and dislikes etc.   I cannot say enough about ENN and the fun Sofia had.  It also increase her independent living skills.”

“ENN has been a wonderful blessing in our lives. The ENN board works tirelessly to offer a fun filled camp experience for campers and a much needed and appreciated respite for campers' families. “


Please watch Just LIke Me,  the Cheryl Jennings ABC7 special report on the Taylor Family Foundation.
ENN is the third of three featured camps.